"First of all, it´s essential to health, because we're applying fewer chemicals and that's fundamental!
Secondly, it’s good for our environment: we respect crucial auxiliary pollinators.
Without them we wouldn't be farmers."

− Charo Herrero - Cotton farmer, Spain

"We don’t use any pesticides. I instinctively feel that
pesticides don’t really have a place in agriculture.
I think they do more harm than good."

− Yvonne Page - Permaculturist, France

"I think pests have ceased to be seen as pests. It belongs in a mindset of a
different way of looking at nature by dividing it up into good and bad and
rather than seeing it as a whole, a whole living thing, that gets ill, gets better."

− Steve Page, Permaculturist, France

"Spraying plants (with chemicals) also damages the plants.
There’s less photosynthesis because spraying forms a protective layer.
With insects you can control pests really well and the food produced this way is super clean."

− Jim Grootscholte - Organic pepper producer, Netherlands

"The first key advantage of organic farming
is sustainability, i.e., with good techniques,
soil quality and the health of plants can be preserved."

− Olivier Bonnafont - Organic vineyard farmer, France

Pioneers in Eco-Agriculture


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